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but really though

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feelings come and go, but anime is forever

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"I came home…"

Wadanohara 30 Day Challenge: Day 07

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Hey, it’s me..again. I wanted to test something out and…uh.
Ever since I first saw the spoiler pics for chapter 139 my heart feels somehow broken and I thought it’d be good if I could get this feeling off my chest by drawing wounded Kaneki. It didn’t work.
Guess I’ll have to do more. HAHAHA…haaa ;_______;
 I turned the “blood” black because I think it looks better than actual red blood. Now it looks like ink :’D

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Uhm…yeah, more Kaneki~ I am still practicing :’D
This is also some sort of thank you for all those new followers I got in the last two days! Thank you! ;//A//; You are amazing!

So. Now I am waiting for full chapter 139. And I am scared - I just can’t see Kaneki suffer anymore. Too bad that’s exactly what’s going to happen ;______;

Full Size looks btw way better.

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